CarabinasyPistolas european air rifles and outdoor goods retailer

CarabinasYPistolas is the big store compressed air. The Garcia family has been enjoying and selling compressed air air rifles for three generations. Specialized in an inherited hobby, in our store you will find the widest range of air rifles and pistols. The best brands and their products selected by us for you, tested and enjoyed to offer you the best for your hobby and your way of living the world of compressed air. See how you hit the target with the chosen pellet, your eyes through the well focused rifle scope and the air rifle absorbing the outcome of the shot is a healthy and addictive pleasure. Come and enjoy this great sport with us.



Carabinas y Pistolas is our online store from where we serve our products to half of Europe. Our main suppliers are GAMO, NORICA, COMETA, BSA, DIANA, UMAREX, HATSAN and KRAL, worldwide recognized and appreciated for the quality of their air rifles.

Our business has 70 years of experience, and since 2005, we are the leading Spanish online store specializing in the world of compressed air. Carbines, pistols, revolvers, scopes, mounts, pellets and everything you need to enjoy your favorite sport. And now airsoft guns

Experts, competitive and ready to satisfy your demands, with fast service and customer service focused on answering your questions and needs.

We also have all the accessories for shooting, such as pellets, always the best H&N RWS JSB. P.C.P refill elements, bottle compressors, pumps, CO2, hunting clothes, targets and scopes for every need and level.