Pocket knives and BENCHMADE knives, American manufacturer of star cutlery

With a history of more than 30 years, Benchmade pocket knives and knives are the result of employees with great dedication, a demand for limitless excellence and the vision and commitment of the Asis family with culture, service and innovation in the cutlery sector.

Founded in 1979 by Les de Asis under the name of Bali-Song Inc, Benchmade is currently located in Clackamas, Oregon, the epicenter of cutlery.

  • Benchmade was created with the mission of creating something better, something exceptional. Today, Benchmade continues to focus on innovation, the needs of its consumers, responsible business ethics and the processes necessary to deliver the highest quality products to consumers around the world.

Pocket knives and BENCHMADE knives, high quality and performance

Here you will find pocket knives and BENCHMADE knives tactical, outdoor, rescue, daily transport, hunting and survival knives.

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Pocket knives and BENCHMADE knives, a knife or a pocket knife for each use

There are many uses for a knife and some knives are better for certain activities than others. For this reason, Benchmade is excellent, a pocket knife or knife for each use, we present the families in which BENCHMADE specializes and how to choose the knife that best suits you.


How will you use your BENCHMADE knife or pocket knife?

TACTICAL: designed for intensive and immediate use, these robust knives have robust mechanisms for situations where performance is essential.

     RESCUE: for critical situations. Gloved hands and the need to cut flexible materials are considerations in the design of these knives.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: not bothersome or uncomfortable in pants or shorts; simply practical and well suited to your needs in general.

      OUTDOOR: from water to forest, hiking trips to car camp, kayaking and fly fishing, these versatile cutting tools can be used for many tasks.

      HUNTING: knives are an essential part of a successful hunt. These are the most advanced hunting knives ever created.

      SURVIVAL: things can happen unexpectedly for any adventurer. These knives were built for the unexpected.


What mechanism can be found in BENCHMADE knives or pocket knives?



· MANUAL OPENING it must be 100% open, from the closed position to the open position, by the user.

· ASSISTED OPENING The assisted opening has a spring which stimulates the blade in the open position once the user pushes the blade manually beyond a certain point.

· AUTOMATIC OPENING Automatic opening with a button or other operating switch which mechanically opens the blade without the user directly handling it. We remind you that opening aid is authorized but in Spain never automatic opening.

· FIXED BLADE These knives are permanently open and almost always come with a sheath to protect the cutting edge.

  • · BALI-SONG "Bali" or "butterfly knives" opening and closing by means of two handles which rotate at the front and at the back of the blade.
  • AXIS The special technology developed and patented by Benchmade.

It has a 100% ambidextrous design and consists of a steel bar which acts as a locking button. It moves back and forth through a mechanized, steel-coated groove.

This lock is one of the safest on the current market and the AXIS Assist version is also available, connected to the flipper of assisted pocket knives.


Called the second most important BENCHMADE lock that will act similarly to the classic Frame Lock.

Part of the handle of the pocket knives was made of a thicker material and with a movable structure which acts like a conventional lock.

If used properly, this lock has high strength and functionality, as it minimizes usage times.


BENCHMADE knives and pocket knives offer a wide variety of blade shapes and styles


Each cutting edge is applied to a cutting surface differently depending on the shape of the blade. Blade shapes with larger radii may be optimal for hunting, while blade shapes with hard angles, such as tanto, may be better for tactical applications.


The blade with clip tip contains a sharp beak, usually in front of the middle, as if the tip was "cut".


The blade with drop point, falls from the column upwards. The height of the point is generally less than the center line of the blade.


This blade shape is easily identified by angular lines. The edge of the blade is flat and moves with a sharp break from the angle of the tip to the main edge.


Defined by the bevel creating an upside down tanto profile, adding weight forward on the blade.


The opposite bevel design has a non-uniform blade geometry that creates an offset lever point, while maintaining a chisel grinding on the cutting edge.


In the Sheepsfoot design, the backbone of the blade "rolls" at the tip, creating a more rounded end to discourage drilling.


Similar to sheep's foot with a spine that "rolls" at the front tip. This blade has a completely straight edge.


The spear point must be symmetrical taking into account the profile of the blade. * Traditionally, spearheads are double-sided, but these knives are more specifically called daggers.


This design is characterized by a wide edge and a radius of the spine which narrows towards the tip and the handle.


To get the best products, you need the best raw materials. This is why in Benchmade pocket knives and knives they select high quality steels and combine them with aerospace quality handle materials, creating the best quality knives and pocket knives that offer great value for their users.