FastFire ™ Red Dot Reflex Sight is the most versatile red dot viewfinder on the market. Mount it on your favorite gun, shotgun, fighter or tactical rifle for greater accuracy.

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Burris FastFire III Red Dot

FastFire ™ Red Dot Reflex Sight is the most versatile red dot viewfinder on the market. Mount it on your favorite gun, shotgun, fighter or tactical rifle for greater accuracy and faster target acquisition. You will not have to worry about sight alignment, eye mastery or the pursuit of your goal. Just place the red dot on your target and squeeze the trigger. Compact and lightweight, the FastFire will not affect balance or handling, it also offers unlimited eye relief, 1x magnification without parallax and simple operation.



The FastFire is perfect as a co-visor, which makes any optics effective for short-range lens acquisition. It adapts to picatinny rails and you can place it on top of a viewfinder with picatinny mount.


Size of the point to match the work

The red dot on the FastFire is available in size 3 MOA or 8 MOA (or 4 MOA in FastFire 2). Most people prefer the larger point for shotguns and handguns: it is quicker to find the target. The size of 3 MOA gives you a smaller and more accurate destination area.



The Fastfire is waterproof even "naked". But it comes with a weatherproof cover. It is optional, but it helps keep water and dirt out of the glass.


Accurate, adjustable and accessible

The drift and elevation controls are not only accurate and accurate, they are also easy to adjust. The battery compartment FastFire 3 is right at the top, which allows the exchange of batteries quickly and without removing the optics.

· The bright red dot allows a quick acquisition of objectives and easy pointing

· Compact and light, so it will not affect the balance or the handling of the firearm.

· The 1x magnification allows shooting with both eyes open, for a better knowledge and acquisition of objectives

· Free of parallax, for greater precision.

· Mounts to almost anything, including guns, rifles and shotguns, using Burris mounting systems

· Drift and elevation adjustments facilitate fine adjustment

· Hi-Lume® paired index multicoating provides low light performance and glare removal

· Waterproof tubes filled with nitrogen prevent internal fogging in the cold and rain

· Shockproof design withstands years of intensive use

· Comes with the Burris Forever ™ Guarantee


The FastFire 3 is Burris' best-selling red dot. It is available with a point of 3 MOA or 8 MOA, and with or without a picatinny mount.

Lightweight and rugged, the FastFire 3 series puts a bright, unmistakable red dot on your lens to give you an immediate advantage of speed and precision. It can be used as a main viewer or paired over an existing viewer.


· The automatic brightness sensor adjusts the brightness to adapt to environmental conditions; It also has 3 manual brightness settings.

· Access to the battery is conveniently located at the top of the viewfinder; Automatic timeout function after 8 hours helps the battery last up to 5 years.

· Available with Picatinny / Weaver mount for mounting on rifles, pistols and tactical shotguns


Red dot size

In general terms, point 8 MOA is the most popular for short range shooters, especially with guns or shotguns. The biggest point makes the acquisition of objectives faster.

Point 3 MOA is more popular among rifles, or anyone who wants more precision, since the smaller point covers much less the general target area.


Available versions of the Burris FastFire III red dot

· With mount 8 MOA - ref: BURVIS161802

· No mount 8 MOA - ref: BURVIS161803

· With mount 3 MOA - ref: BURVIS161804

· No mount 3 MOA - ref: BURVIS161805