The red dot Bushnell Incinerate, framed in the category AR OPTICS of Bushnell, is very robust, optical with full coatings and a red dot grid of 2 MOA.

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  Circle Dot

Length 121 mm
Weight 326 g

Red Dot Bushnell Incinerate

The red dot Bushnell Incinerate, framed in the category AR OPTICS of Bushnell, is very robust, optical with full coatings and a red dot grid of 2 MOA.

The first thing we see when we take it out of the box is its sense of robustness and it is not for nothing, belonging to Bushnell's AR OPTICS category, which already gives us some information that this red dot is aimed at. Both for tactical operations, as well as for hunting, for driven hunts where the shooting distances are below 100m.


Bushnell Incinerate Optics

The Bushnell Incinerate optics are clear, with full coatings, which provides a bright and clear image. In the grid, we find a red point 2 MOA, within a circumference of 25 MOAs.

It has 8 levels of brightness, numbered on the side wheel, interspersing the off positions. When the required level of brightness is reached, the Bushnell Incinerate offers a clear, sharp and subtle reticle, so you can concentrate on the objective without any distraction.

The adjustment of the turrets is done with a small screwdriver or a flat coin, they are protected with covers, and can be operated with gloves.


Size of the Bushnell Incinerate

The red dot has a balanced size, with medium dimensions, although it is made to be used on the battlefield, and also prepared for hunting days.

In its structure, we find some details that can make the difference with respect to the purchase of other Bushnell red dots, and that incorporates open metal sights of backup, and admit hikes compatible with Glock pistols, as it has a tail cut milano You can customize the boost as you like. This makes sense, because if you break the viewer, you have open backup views.

In terms of the red dot mount, this Bushnell Incinerate includes a "high-rise" mount to perfectly align with the eyes of the shooter, and installs quickly and efficiently on a Picatinny nylon with a cross screw.This screw can only be tightened with fingers, having a support flap, however has a slot in case you want to help with a coin, or a tool.



· Aeronautical aluminum black body with Circle Dot reticle.

· Waterproof construction. Optics and turrets sealed with O-ring that remain dry inside, even when completely submerged in water.

· Shockproof construction: a sight built to withstand blows, explosions, falls and the irregular environment offered by the field.

· Bleeding with nitrogen to make it fogproof and fog proof. Nitrogen inside the optics ensures that interior surfaces do not fog due to moisture or rapid temperature change.


Technical details

· Power x Target diameter (mm.): 1x29

· Finish: Mate

· Reticle: Circle-Dot

· Field of vision (m.to 100m.): Unlimited

· Correction of the impact point per click (mm to 100m): 14.54

· Lens coating: Multi Complete

· Eye to eye distance (mm.): Unlimited

· Total length (mm.): 121

· Weight (g.): 326

· Waterproof / Anti-fog: yes

· Color: Black


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