Combine the Cometa Lynx V10 Black as you wish! Select only the air rifle or in a pack with rifle scope, pump or rifle scope + pump! V10 with double the air capacity and built-in sound moderator. Includes multi-shot magazine!

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  Adjustable trigger Cometa

  Combo Option

  PCP regulated air rifle option

  Scope not included

4.5 mm (.177) muzzle velocity 330 m/seg
5.5 mm (.22) muzzle velocity 275 m/seg
6.35 mm (.25) muzzle velocity 215 m/seg
Length 105 cm
Weight 3.7 kg

Air Rifle Cometa Lynx V10 Black

Cometa Lynx V10, the Cometa PCP rifle available in Natural,  Blue and now in Black  finish with Comet quality and excellent features.

V10 with double the storage and built-in sound moderator.



· 500cc-tank, 200 bar.

· Barrel made of precision-hammered in the cold. Sound Moderator.

· Adjustable trigger pressure as both tour.

· Manual safety

· New stock with adjustable cheek piece

· Easy-pellet load. Multi-shot included.


You can get the Cometa PCP Lynx V10 Black air rifle single, or in pack with a Leapers 3-9x40 TF2+ rifle scope, with a Hill pump or with rifle scope + hand pump! Select your favorite pack!

· Cometa PCP Lynx V10 Black air rifle (ref: LYNXV10NE)

· Pack 1: Cometa PCP Lynx V10 Black air rifle (ref: LYNXV10NE) + Leapers 3-9x40 Mil Dot TF2+ rifle scope (mounts included included) (ref: SCP-U394FDT2)

· Pack 2: Cometa PCP Lynx V10 Black air rifle (ref: LYNXV10NE) + Hill hand pump (ref: MK4)

· Pack 3: Cometa PCP Lynx V10 Black air rifle (ref: LYNXV10NE) + Leapers 3-9x40 Mil Dot TF2+ rifle scope (mounts included) (ref: SCP-U394FDT2) + Hill hand pump (ref: MK4)


Why choose the brand Cometa and its packs?

In Cometa they are heirs of a centuries-old tradition in the manufacture of high-quality weapons, specialized in the artisan production of carbines and compressed air pistols.
The enormous and extensive experience in the manufacture of air rifles, together with the constant effort to innovate Cometa products, offers as a result a range of air rifles whose components are manufactured and assembled in Comet following a rigorous quality control. Finally all the carbines are tested and calibrated individually.

But the most important thing is the elaboration of the pipe, where the success of an air rifles lies. Cometa manufactures its own barrels, hammered in cold to ensure excellent precision and later all are meticulously straightened.

In addition to all the air rifles of Cometa and the PCP, they allow you to choose between juicy packs with visor, bipod and / or hand pump to take advantage of the carbines of Cometa at the best possible price.


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