Complete equipment for Stalks

Equipment for a successful stalking

This type of hunting so exciting, requires us a suitable material and suitable for, walking lightly and being able to shoot at rather long distances in the best conditions.

We have to be very clear if our stalking will be in the mountains or in the thickness of the forest and this will clearly determine our material.

We have made a selection of products with the exception of rifle and ammunition, for this type of hunting that we like so much and that gives us so much satisfaction. Here in our choice, is where success or failure will be determined many times.

In the season of repelling Roes, this selection we hope will be very useful


We are faced with a varied hunt, but normally sets are presented in low light conditions that are very adverse for optics that do not match the level. We will look for quality lenses in the treatments and a great light transmission.

Factors to consider;

-Riflescope magnifications.

-The diameter of the objective or bell.

-Optical quality

-The reticle.

-The weight.

The versions of magnifications X4 magnifications with average bells up to 44 cover many of the situations that are offered to us in the peninsula. But we also offer you for long shots and the very usual conditions of low light, riflescopes with bells of 50 and 56. It is here where the weight, becomes a factor to have to take into account almost decisive for stalking in the mountains and that we they demand great physical development.
We recommend the new Bushnell series where you can match riflescopes and binoculars

-Bushnell Forge

-Bushnell Engage

-Bushnell Nitro



The weakest link in the chain is the one that marks the strength of it.

We are going to stalk

Factors to consider;

-Weight (Various Elements) Extra Accessory
- Power increases (Stabilize them standing with more than 10X)

We will try to have an optical quality very similar to that of our riflescope both work together and the binoculars are our eyes when revealing the position of the hunt.

We talked about the determinant of weight in many situations. This leads us to look for binoculars with a power, perhaps and in our opinion of 10 x and including rangefinder of which we leave several examples. We add telemeters per individual so that the purchase option is not so high price.

We also recommend the use of a harness is very comfortable and frees our hands.



Always the animal has the advantage we enter into its terrain with what we mainly have to be stealthy.

The camouflage is imposed in this section but we will always have the premises of:
-Comfort and lightness

At present, lightness does not prevent technical clothing from being quality. It is not the same to rehearse in spring Roe deers that Sarrios in winter.

Our selection of hunting clothes for Deerhunter, Hart and Gamo stalks does not leave anyone indifferent.



Depending on where we hunt a bara or fork support it will be enough.
If the terrain gives a long shot a bipod will be the best option. Although the fluffy backpack also hunts a lot of hunting.
We leave our proposals.



Factors to consider;

They have to be very comfortable to walk in high mountains and in the undergrowth. A serious advantage, not protruding from the neck or sides, with this, you can shoot with it on. Also be able to have, the possibility of holding in the backpack the rifle, cane etc.
That adapts to your body so that on long journeys they do not rub you. Check the Markhor backpacks Stash backpacks
Our selection of Markhor hunting backpacks is the best on the market


To skin and cut a piece like these, Roe deers, chamois, or here in Aragón sarrios, you do not need big knives. With a sheet of just ten centimeters will be enough.

We leave you here our selection for this purpose, we always love Spanish prodcuto Muela Knives



Many times the cast is produced with little light, let alone when, we will charge our so precious piece, the blood dog here is always our faithful companion, we get to the room and there is no light.

Here our solutions to pistear and enlighten us on arrival leaving the hands free for the knife.

Items found: 52

In the following video we leave you a stalking in high mountain, fantastic stalked deer, where we can observe all the elements that we have mentioned previously. We know that it is in an idyllic place with an exceptional material, hunters love the way of stalking, we dream of the best materials and a perfect cast.

The Swarosvki DS Riflescope is a point and separate in this hunting mode. We hope you like our selection.