Cometa Air Rifles

Cometa compressed air rifles are heirs to a centuries-old tradition of high quality gun making.


The success of Cometa air rifles lies in the following aspects:

· Fabrication of the barrel: drilled with precision and later hammered in cold in special machines. The hammering process guarantees a mirror finish inside the cannons of the air rifles and adds hardness to the material. Finally all the guns are meticulously straightened.

· Handmade preparation of the components

· Luxury finishes

Here you will find the famous Cometa Fusion and the Cometa Fenix 400 in all its variants and stock endings.

Remember that in all Cometa air rifles you will find combos and packs created so you can save a few euros on the purchase of your Cometa air rifle.

All of this together with its quality control make the Cometa air rifles stand out as a high quality brand. Discover the entire wide range of air rifles and buy them at the best price on our website. Remember that we offer many other models of compressed air rifles. Do not stop seeing them all!

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