Diana Air Rifles

"Precision, Power, Perfection". This is the motto of the Diana air rifles and their air guns are certainly up to those ideals.

You can buy an air rifle, or you can buy a Diana. You choose.


Diana's compressed air rifles are well designed and take them to the next level, as well as being manufactured with a clear focus on performance and power.


Diana in 2018/2019 classifies their air rifles in the following brands:

· Diana Performance

manufactured in Germany, such as the 460 Magnum, the 54 Airking, the AR8 N_TEC, as well as the Diana 350 N-Tec in both Magnum Premium and Panther versions.

In the PCP we include in the category of Diana Perfomance, the Diana PCP P1000.


· Diana Action

manufactured outside the EEC, such as Diana 250, Diana 240, Diana Eleven, and pistols Diana Chaser and Bandit. We include in this category the Mauser K98 air rifles and in the PCP the new Diana Outlaw and the Skyhawk, Bullpup PCP air rifles.


For more than 120 years, Diana has been developing and innovating in air rifles technology to create works of art.


When you have a Diana, you know you have something special on your hands.

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