Standard Gamo air rifles

Standard Power Gamo Air Rifles. These are the ideal beginners air rifles. They are specially attractive because of their excellent relationship between quality and price.

Medium power Gamo air rifles

With a muzzle velocity inferior to high powered air guns, they offer a considerable velocity and a good performance for shooting with any type of Gamo ammunition. If you want, here you can see the full range of Gamo air rifles and also the Gamo High Power air rifles.


What are the benefits of Gamo medium power air rifles?

· They do not weigh as much as a high power

· The leverage force is softer and therefore, easier to load the air rifle

· In long shots, you do not get so tired of holding it and shooting it

· Less recoil, more accuracy

· Effective shooting distance very good


You can not go wrong if you choose a mid-power Gamo air rifle, but if you want to take a look at the others with high power, IGT or fixed barrel, click on the links below:

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With what can I complement my medium-power Gamo air rifle?

You can use from riflescopes, red dots, alloy pellets, holsters, cleaning equipment ...

Remember that in some Gamo air rifles selected by us, you will find packs that will be of your taste and at the same time you save buying a combo!