Hatsan air rifles

We present you the Hatsan compressed air rifles. The turkish air rifles of maximum quality and reliability. Power and good price at your fingertips at the hands of this world-renowned manufacturer.

Have you tried the Hatsan air rifles? Well we recommend them! They present an excellent quality-price ratio and are an excellent alternative to other brands of compressed air rifles. Go ahead and try them.

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Select between the most popular Hatsan air rifles, such as the 1000S and the 1000S Vortex or the 1000X and the 1000X Vortex, one of the most affordable air rifles. Level up and test the Hatsan Dominator W air rifle, the Hatsan Torpedo 150 or the Hatsan 125 Sniper. Here we also have the latest Hatsan news such as the AirTact air rifle or the Hatsan multi-shot SpeedFire air rifle.