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The Beretta Benelli group transfers to its compressed air division the excellence that has made it the largest manufacturer in the world.

The Stoeger Airguns DNA is forged with elite collaborations, from extraordinary Italian precision to American strength.

In these last 10 years of Italian passion and design, Stoeger has become one of the most valued compressed air products.

In 2008 and inheriting the tradition of Stoeger Arms Co, which after World War II introduced compressed air weapons in a massive way in the USA, Beretta finds synergy and a new market niche to conquer the most exquisite markets.

Elegant design and customization in the world of P.C.P go hand in hand in the Stoeger XM1 models. The PCP world finds an unprecedented first price here.

Gas Ram systems also have their representation in the Stoeger catalog where Human Tech Design takes a leap in quality thinking about the shooter and the ergonomics of using the carbine, both for outdoor use and in the shooting range. .

Do not stop investigating the Stoeger RX series. Avant-garde design, precision and price go hand in hand in these products, always endorsed by the Beretta group.

The 21st century is one of customization and adaptation to the user and Stoeger Airguns has understood this perfectly. Enter and enjoy its news.

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Why buy a Stoeger Beretta air rifle?

. Stoeger Airguns is synonymous with innovation and design, exclusive air rifles, always stylish, with a dynamic and incomparable character.
. All Stoeger air rifles are designed for recreation, fun and above all to enjoy a different experience.
. Stoeger air rifles are different thanks to their combination of design and ergonomics when shooting.
. At stoeger we offer our customers air rifles and air pistols with excellent performance at a fair price.