Driven Hunt. Short Ranges

The short range riflescopes are perfect for speed. It features less magnifications and a huge field of vision. Scopes that easy the focusing and a quick shot.

The driven hunts, by the condition of the type of hunting that is, at a short distance, they must have these characteristics to be appropriate
-Low magnification. If you have different magnifications, zoom, it is recommended that you start at 1
-Little objetctive diametre, compact and light, allowing a quick movement of the shotgun set with a scope to face quickly.
-The quality of the scope will give us greater light transmission and clarity as well as a wide field of view that allows us to quickly follow the piece.

Regarding the reticles for driven hunts, it is very important to have an illuminated reticle because it allows you to aim faster and the reticle can be seen better with unfavorable weather and on any background. The 4A-i reticle is one of the most recommendable and satisfactory for driven hunt.

The illumination and regulation intensities also determine the quality and efficiency for the optimal face.

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It is understood by hunting in driven hunts that hunting mode is carried out beating with the help of dogs a mountain spot closed by hunters distributed in armed and placed in fixed posts.


Big game driven hunt: It is that hunt that is celebrated by means of the execution of specks in spots of big game with a number of hunters between 10 and 24, a number of dogs is used between 10 and 30 and a number of beaters not less than 3 nor more than 10.

Driven hunts:
They are the driven hunts to which the previous point refers in which a number of hunters equal or superior to thirty is authorized.
For the authorization and execution of hunts, the signage in the field of the firing points will be mandatory in a permanent way during the hunting campaign according to the cartography approved in the corresponding Technical Plan.

Big game hooks:
That hunt that is celebrated by means of the execution of specks in spots of big game with a number of hunters between 5 and 9, is used a number of dogs inferior to 12 and a number of beaters less than 5.