Ear defenders and Helmets

Hunters and shooters have always suffered hearing problems from exposure to sound in our activity. Protect yourself from gunshot noise and maintain your hearing health throughout your life.

Discover our new section of hearing protection, hunting and shooting helmets, ergonomic, foldable and easy to transport!

In this category, we will show you the new section of hearing protections, electronic protections with sound amplification that will allow us to hear in detail all the sounds of our environment, such as the barking of approaching dogs! Or even the animals that move around you!

It will attenuate the sound impact caused by the firing of the weapon, especially in magnum calibers and muzzle brake weapons.

With 3M Peltor and Champion, you can always better hear everything that happens around you!

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Champion Vanquish electronic hearing protection

Champion Vanquish electronic hearing protection helmets have been designed from the ground up for the most demanding shooting athletes. Each cuff is acoustically modeled with shot reports to achieve the optimal balance between comfort and noise reduction throughout the day.


Champion Vanquish devices have...

A safe level sound compression technology with a refresh time of less than 1 ms.

They have two Full Dynamic Range HD speakers, with this we ensure that everything we hear is clear.

It has omni-directional microphones that pick up everything around you, providing natural sound and minimizing wind noise.

Let's not forget that this model has Bluetooth and has the ability to receive phone calls.