Gamo IGT Air Rifles

Gamo IGT air rifles are triggered by a gas piston, not by a compression spring.

Gamo IGT system (Inert Gas Technology) is the compression method of the pneumatic and sealed air rifle that replaces the traditional spring with a gas piston. The appearance and use is the same as Gamo high-power compressed air rifles.

The advanced Gamo IGT System Mach 1 is designed for their powerful carbines. The compressed air gas piston air rifles are giving very good results in power stability throughout their life. The gas piston also gives us a different firing sensation, with less vibration and a drier blow helps you to make precision. CarabinasYPistolas recommends Gamo gas piston air rifles for durability and firing sensation.

In these moments the powerful IGT Match 1 Gamo Power air rifle that wakes up most is the G-Magnum 1250 IGT Match 1, all the latest technologies are incorporated in it.

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The advantages of the IGT or piston gas of Gamo are:

· Greater constancy in the firing power.

· Less vibration

· Greater accuracy. As a consequence of constancy and dry vibration of this type of pneumatic shot