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With an innovative design and a good selection of materials, Hart's Spanish hunting clothing is a worldwide benchmark. Products of excellent quality adapted to all types of hunters.

With more than 20 years of experience, HART hunting clothing has become one of the favorite brands of hunters.

HART jackets, HART anti-thorn trousers, HART footwear, softshell and fleece jackets, etc.

Gear up well with CE Cat II certified high visibility hunting clothing from HART

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Why choose HART hunting clothes?

Since HART has released its first collection, the goal has always been to create clothes that are like a second skin of the wearer. The basic characteristics that are needed for the practice of shooting and hunting are: comfort, resistance and functionality. From here, HART has created all its hunting garments and the result is a range of outdoor clothing and footwear that controls the heat to / from our body to offer maximum comfort in any activity.

All the garments of the HART hunting clothes collection follow a process from its creation to the stores. They are designed starting from the principle of the activity to which they are intended, cuts that facilitate movement, pockets, backpacks, etc ...

In the manufacture of HART hunting clothes, increasingly light, silent and flexible materials are used, as well as membranes that guarantee insulation, impermeability and protection.

The Hunting Collection by HART collection ranges from hunting clothing to very warm and resistant techniques for the cold of northern Europe, as well as light vests and pants for milder climates, where we need good breathability.


The HARTWARE concept of HART

Since the first collection of HART hunting clothing, they have continued to place a special emphasis on the creation of sportswear that acts as a second skin. Clothing for hunting or for any outdoor activity has to follow some basic characteristics: comfort, durability and functionality