Hunting Tripods and shooting Sticks

Find the best hunting sticks, and shooting sticks of the best brands in carabinasypistolas, your sports armory!

Having a hunting stick can be crucial in your hunts, if you have been tracking for a while and looking for your prey. In the market there are hunting poles known as the Primos Trigger Stick Gen3, which has a trigger that helps you lower the height of the stick with minimal effort. In the same brand you will find hunting forks or monopods like the Trigger Stick Gen3, a very good and quality alternative.

Not only do we have hunting poles, since we also have shooting support bags, such as the Champion, which are designed to facilitate a precise and stable placement of the weapon.


In short, having this type of accessories can be the difference from an accurate shot or a failed one. Having a good firm and stable grip of the rifle with a shooting stick is paramount.

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