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The Austrian brand Kahles, is one of the optics firms that has been on the market the longest in the world. Thanks to its more than 100 years of experience they have managed to be always up to date with regard to technology. Since 1898, this family business has been manufacturing visors from Austria for all the most demanding hunters and sports shooters. Throughout all these years of history have managed to rise as a benchmark in the field of optics.

The firm Kahles is always focused on improving the performance of their products, that's why they are always at the side of the hunters, sharing their passion and fulfilling their demands to offer high quality products. This is achieved through teamwork and applying the greatest professionalism and creativity to its entire range of products.

All its riflescopes and binoculars stand out for their great field of vision and great image clarity, this allows its users to see their target as quickly as possible at great distances. In addition, all the optics of the Kahles brand have the latest technology that is why it is a great option for hunters and sports shooters.

The KAHLES HELIA series was developed for hunters. The HELIA 1-5x24i is ideal for beating, the HELIA 2-10x50i is perfect for stalking and the HELIA 2.4-12x56i is the best class for waiting.

The HELIA 3 series with a 1-inch main tube consists of the HELIA 3 3-9x42 and HELIA 3 3-10x50i viewfinders. All the viewfinders with light come standard with automatic light and, optionally, are available with quick adjustment.

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In the year 2000, KAHLES introduces a new line of modern binoculars which successfully resumes KAHLES 'long tradition of optical long distance observation instruments.

In 2005, with the invention of the Multizero adjustment, KAHLES opens a new era of hunting correction.

In 2007, he invented the innovative automatic retractable automatic light switch, turned it on and off and integrated it for the first time into the HELIA CSX and CBX models.

Finally, in 2014, KAHLES combines the parallax wheel with the height adjustment for the first time, thus creating the basis for adjusting the sides both to the left and to the right.

The offer for hunters is extended with the HELIA binoculars and the new HELIA red dots. The HELIA RF 8x42 and RF 10x42 with integrated rangefinder, and the innovative HELIA RD red dot sights, delight all hunters.

In their effort to constantly evolve, they rely on the realization of simple and well thought-out intuitive products. They use their deep knowledge of the user and their extensive experience to focus uncompromisingly on what really matters.