Kral Gas Piston are Turkish air rifles, with a wide product range and a controlled global production. With a good level of recognition thanks to their quality and competitive price. The piston-gas Kral carbines have a classic and refined design. Its synthetic and wood materials have a good finish. Powerful carbines with very good presence and great value for money.

Why choose the Kral brand?

KRAL ARMS is one of the leading companies in Turkey in hunting, shooting and sporting products. KRAL ARMS produces shotguns, compressed air rifles and blanking guns in production facilities of 18,000 square meters with more than 250 workers. They use the highest technology with labor to offer you the best quality. Production within the KRAL limit includes, wood machining, metal parts machining, injection, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, drilling barrels and making barrels, laser marking, wood laser engraving and metal parts , camouflage coating, assembly, quality control tests, shooting tests, etc. KRAL ARMS is an export-oriented factory and exports 99.5% of its products to more than 40 countries around the world. The products of KRAL ARMS with its very good quality and competitive prices receive a very good acceptance all over the world. KRAL ARMS is capable and has sufficient background to produce any type of weapon or air rifles in its own factory. Its mission is to produce from the best to the cheapest. As in the last 25 years, while the world exists, Kral Arms will continue to serve its customers.