Leica hunting rifle scopes and binoculars

Leica is a German company dedicated to the manufacture of precision optics and the highest quality.

Their hunting rifle scopes represent excellence in optics.

Leica differentiates three ranges of Hunting rifle scopes

The Magnus range is distinguished by the most practical field of vision, with rifle scopes from one to the last with 16 its illuminated reticle is intelligent. Ballistic option.

The Visus range has two lines of rifle scopes, driven hunt and multipurpose. Robust, impressive image and extreme contrast.

The ER range focuses on versatile rifle scopes. For any type of hunting and atmospheric condition. Includes model with ballistic turrets.

The Leica rangefinder binoculars are characterized by their excellent resolution. Leica fluoride lenses achieve an unsurpassed color fidelity, a perfect contrast, a unique brightness and a very high resolution of the details.

The Ultravis HD Plus binoculars are your best product, the Trinovid binoculars are renewed, robust and effective classics, their latest generation after 50 years completely satisfies.

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The Leica brand combines an innovative high-performance lens and a unique handling with a timeless design throughout its product range. All the elements of control that incorporate the Leica products are intuitive and functional, which guarantees an easy and smooth handling, even with gloves or in the dark.

The greater distance between the exit pupil and the ocular lens guarantees eye relief and improves safety, even when using a high caliber rifle. The compact construction, the solid technology and the slim design make the Leica visors a reliable and optimal hunting companion for universal use.

Leica products are made for people who want to experience their environment, as each sportsman is unique, Leica has developed three series of viewers with high performance optics and the most sophisticated and precise technology: Magnus i, Visus i LW and ER LRS models . The Magnus i range impresses with innovative optical and mechanical systems such as zeroing the tower without tools and reticles with optimized point coverage. The Visus i LW models are high performance visors with a unique product design and surface finish. The reliable ER LRS series features an eye relief of 10 cm / 4 in., The longest in its class.