The large diameter of the lens and a powerful light transmission capacity ensure perfect performance from dawn to dusk.

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  Leica AquaDura® Coating

Leica Magnus i 1.8-12x50 Rifle Scope

The large diameter of the lens and a powerful light transmission capacity ensure perfect performance from dawn to dusk. Be it the first hour of the morning, the last of the afternoon or a moonlit night, the optical capabilities of the Leica Magnus 1.8-12x50 make it a real tool for observation and shooting.

In the hunting modalities in which the light is critical to differentiate a good trophy from the rest, as in the stalks or in the quela light is scarce, like the awaited, the Leica Magnus is a guarantee of success for your sets. Greater light transmission than other viewers at low magnifications. Excellent light transmission of 91% and an extraordinary contratse for a sure sign. Day and night reticle lighting with up to 60 intensities. Red point of bright, thin and high contrast reticle. Panoramic field of vision. available with BDC quick adjust turrets.

The new Magnus 1.8-12x50 i is an ideal complement to our high-quality Magnus line. Thanks to its compact dimensions and its large 50mm lens, it is a very versatile rifle scope for hunting from observation posts and stalking. Its excellent zoom factor and a minimum magnification of 1.8x also make it the ideal option for drive-hunts.

It combines benefits such as a short total length, suitability for a wide spectrum of hunting situations and easy assembly with the advantages of a first-class optical system. For example, the combination of minimum vignetting and the large, effective diameter of your objective lens provides exceptional light gathering capacity and improves the resolution of detail from dawn to dusk.


Technical features of the Leica Magnus i 1.8-12x50 rifle scope

· Diameter: 50mm

· Increases: 1.8 - 12x

· Zoom: 6.7x

· Field of vision at max increases (m / 100m): 3.7m

· Field of vision at min magnifications (m / 100m): 22.5m

· Eye relief: 90mm

· Pupil of exit: 4.2 - 12.4mm

· Parallax: adjustable, 50m to infinity

· Diopter compensation: -4 / + 3 dpt

· Coating: AquaDura Lens Coating

· Transmission of light: apx 91%

· Tube: 30mm / rail Zeiss

· Impact point correction: 1clic: 1cm / 100m (~~ 1/3 MOA), 150 x140 cm

· Length: 340 mm

· Weight: 700g (with Zeiss 725g rail)

· Water resistance: 4m - nitrogen filling

· Illuminated reticle: Yes / point

· Automatic shutdown: 3min / ± 75 °

· Automatic ignition: yes, by position or movement


You can buy the Leica Magnus i 1.8-12x50 rifle scope with the following reticles

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 - L-4A - ref: 071-LCA53160

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 Rail - L-4A - ref: 071-LCA53161

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 BDC - L-4A - ref: 071-LCA53162

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 BDC Rail - L-4A - ref: 071-LCA53163

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 - L-Ballistic - ref: 071-LCA53170

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 Rail - L-Ballistic - ref: 071-LCA53171

· Magnus i 1.8-12x50 BDC - L-Ballistic - ref: 071-LCA53172

· ​Magnus i 1.8-12x50 BDC Rail - L-Ballistic - ref: 071-LCA53173