Markhor hunting backpacks and clothing. Camouflage

Markhor Premium Brand in technical clothing adapted to different hunting modes.

If you are looking for Markhor camouflage clothing, you are in the right category.

Designs created by hunters for hunters, products tested in the field.

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How does the Markhor backpack fit?

Adjustment: To fit the bag to fit, it is important to adjust it carefully, make minor adjustments, and ensure the bag is the correct size. We need to make sure the shoulder strap goes over the back panel shoulder without leaving the shoulder. The belt should be tight and placed over the iliac crest (with the weight at the waist). Depending on the fit, there should be enough space to remove or add layers of clothing.


How is the Markhor backpack maintained and cleaned?

  • Being an extremely tough product, it is designed for years of use and treatment in the toughest conditions.

However, we can take basic measures for your upkeep and maintenance.

· After each ride, clean the backpack: shake off dust, clean and remove stains, with lukewarm water

If it gets wet, hang it out of direct sunlight and in a ventilated place

Open all belts

· Keep the backpack in a cool and dry place