Ideal for day hunting, beaten, small game. In addition, this backpack is elegant and harmonious.

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Markhor Macho Montes Evo V Hunting Backpack

The MACHO MONTES EVO V 35 L backpack is equipped with a very comfortable AIR TEX Orange Fluo system (stretched net). Particularly effective to evacuate perspiration. This bag is very versatile, perfect for travelers because it can go in the plane cabin.

Ideal for day hunting, beaten, small game. In addition, this backpack is elegant and harmonious.


- Main material: Waterproof fabric, strong and silent in green.

- Back: AIR TEX System Back Orange Fluo (stretched net) to evacuate perspiration and marry the shape of the back. Its preformed frame guarantees good flexibility.

- Straps: quilted with 3D honeycomb mesh, reinforced chest strap and refreshing load. 1 Clip + SHILA option to carry the weapon or bow.
Clips for the water bag tube (right or left).

- Belt: With honeycomb mesh and 2 zipped pockets with reinforcement.

- Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped to receive a bag of water.

- Compartments: 1 main compartment.

- Pockets: 2 side pockets (+ 2 open pockets), for the flap: 1 outer pocket and 1 inner pocket, 2 pockets on the belt.

- Zippers: New reversed YKK zipper (the world reference for zippers).

- Access: to the main compartment through an opening in the upper part of the bag with a brown bag.

- Accessory support: fluorescent cap for security (on the flap) and bag signage (useful when night falls to find your bag), hand handle. 2 compression straps on each side of the bag.

- Option: carbine or SHILA arch support (to be ordered separately)



- Weight: 1,800 g

- Dimensions: 49 x 38 x 25 cm.

- Volume: 35 liters.


You can buy the Macho Montes Evo V backpack in the following versions

· Macho Montes Evo V Green - ref: 301599

· Macho Montes Evo V Camo Veil - ref: 301600

· Macho Montes Evo V Camo Max 1- ref: 301601


How does the Markhor backpack fit?

Adjustment: To adjust the bag to its size, it is important to adjust the bag carefully, make minor adjustments and make sure the bag is the correct size. We must make sure that the shoulder strap passes over the shoulder from the back panel without leaving the shoulder at any time. The belt should be tight and placed over the iliac crest (the weight is at the waist), depending on the fit, there should be enough space to remove or add layers of clothing.


How is the Markhor backpack maintained and cleaned?

Being an extremely durbale product, it is built for years of use and treatment in the harshest conditions.

However, we can take basic measures for your care and maintenance:

· After each trip, clean the backpack: shake dirt, clean and remove any stain, with warm water

· If it gets wet, tend it protected from the sun and in a ventilated area

· Open all the belts

· Keep the backpack in a cool and dry place