Muela Knives

Knives made ​​in Spain.

Muela is one of the leading brands of artisan hunting cutlery, both in Spain and around the world, and its knives and knives are highly valued for their high quality. Muela are real gems.

Muela prints the highest quality to conserve in the making of their knives and knives, luxury, craft, hunting or tactics, a high craftsman component, resorting to the ancestral lime and the good work of expert hands to achieve quality models exceptional.

Manufacturas Muela elaborates many of its handles with deer antler, material that is also selected, carved and adjusted in their factory.

To design and make the covers of each model we have a department of saddlery, where they design, cut, sew and finish the skins that become the covers that accompany the different models. Once this work is done, the knives and knives are sharp, polished, revised and packaged for sale.

That's why Muela says that the manufacture of his knives and knives combines the advantages of a modern and efficient technology and the know-how and originality of the craftsman.

Being able to sell Muela knives is a great pride for Algatec, the satisfaction of selling value.

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