Niggeloh, the best accessories for the hunter from Germany

The Niggeloh company is a German brand founded by Fritz Niggeloh, this brand is a specialist in the manufacture of accessories and accessories for hunting. Its famous gun slings, as well as other types of hunting and optical accessories, are all characterized by their ability to innovate and great quality.





In addition to the best leather gun slings and Neoprene and Loden gun sling and weapon holders manufactured by Niggeloh, you will find gun pockets of various types, accessories such as visor covers and also accessories for your faithful companion, such as collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs .

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Leaders in hunting accessories Niggeloh

For more than 30 years Niggeloh has designed, manufactured and produced high quality hunting accessories. The creativity and innovation of Niggeloh is visible in its entire range of products and accessories for hunting:

The Niggeloh brand produces all its articles in Germany, which makes the manufacturer much more accessible to the distributor and the consumer.


Hunting accessories made in Germany

Niggeloh products are leaders in the field of hunting and also care about the environment by producing their products in a responsible way with the environment. Without losing its high quality and durability.


Manufacture in Loden, leather and neoprene

Niggeloh uses the highest quality materials such as Loden, leather and neoprene to make its straps and rifle holders and all kinds of accessories for the hunter.