Thermal night vision

The best thermal riflescopes for hunting and thermal monoculars for defense, surveillance or location at great distances are in carabinasypistolas.

thermal monoculars are designed to give outdoor enthusiasts a portable way to see more in nature. It provides observation and distance measurement to help them keep track of an animal. Hikmicro, Steiner, Bushnell, are here at the best price.

Furthermore Thermal Binoculars gives you even more to see, by combining a thermal lens with an optical one for the best of both worlds.

What is a thermal viewer for and how does it work?

With the thermal viewer you locate animals or people regardless of the outside light. Thermal viewers base their technology on the detection of Heat Sources with sensors to recreate a clear image. This technology is totally different from night vision since night vision does depend on the brightness of the environment to create the image.

The thermal visor is perfect for both day and night.

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Thermal or night vision visor

How it Works  ?

Thermal vision is already replacing night vision equipment. Its technology is thermography and it allows the temperature emitted by any body (human being, animal or object) to be recorded, visualizing it in different ranges of colours.


In thermal vision, its function is to spot and identify animals or any living being that gives off heat, a car, a cow, a wild boar or a mosquito, it detects everything! Thermal Monoculars are used especially in security and surveillance, hunting, nautical, wildlife observation, etc.


What is night vision?


Night vision allow you to see without being seen in situations of absolute darkness.


Technologically, night vision goggles use the residual light of a certain place to convert it into a light projection and in turn need chemical elements to multiply the light input, which are consumed in this process. Night vision scopes  are consumed but they give an incredible sharpness with very little light. Due to their high price, they are reserved for army  and special operations.


The night vision we offer will always be based on the latest Gen II+ and Gen III Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT). Night vision is finite and thermal sight is infinite