FX Airguns

FX Airguns are among the best air rifles in the world due to innovation, dedication, and craftsmanship. Made in Sweden, the FX rifles are almost perfect.

The best PCP air rifles in the world are the FX Airguns

Its Match grade FX Smooth Twist barrel and now its new STX LINER upper barrel (and alternatively heavy Liner Superior) give these rifles exquisite, unmatched precision, and their adjustable triggers are perfectly suited to every demanding athlete.

Its new guns are ready to fire Slug pellets with many grains of weight.


Here you will find all PCP FX Airguns air rifles, like the PCP FX Impact POWER PLENUM air rifle, the most famous and tactical of the brand, and the latest FX WILDCAT MKIII, as well as the classic PCP FX Royal 400 air rifle. Don't forget to take a look at the new PCP FX Streamline rifles and the new PCP FX Verminator Extreme, perfect for handling in any scenario.

Don't forget the FX Crown, perfect for Field Target competitions, with interchangeable gauge system and sound moderator in the mouthpiece, among many other technologies. We also have the FX Airguns The Ranchero pistol.

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The world's best Swedish PCP FX Airguns rifles

FX Airguns has been in the PCP rifle industry for almost 20 years, but it has become extremely famous for the quality of the products it uses in its PCP rifle.

Their constant innovation is focused on barrels like the latest STX Liner Superior A and STX Liner Superior heavy models, as well as their manual pressure regulators, to achieve engineering precision, distance and energy.

Always improving with its Power Plenum in the IMPACT and its current pressure regulators in the WILDCAT III

You venture into the world of PCP pistols with the PCP FX Airguns Ranchero pistol, which gives you the versatility of a pistol with the fire capability of a PCP rifle.


Air rifle reviews, FX Airguns

Our customers are delighted with FX Airguns air rifles, not only for their quality of construction and materials, but also for their beauty and value. For us it is one of the best brands of PCP rifles in the world, as well as Cometa PCP or Diana PCP. FX Airguns is an exciting and worthwhile investment.