PCP Air Guns Cometa

Cometa air rifles are one of the best compressed air riflesmanufacturers worldwide. And Cometa PCP air rifles are not far behind. Its quality is overwhelming and every shot with a Cometa PCP is a joy and a dream come true for many shooters.

Famous Cometa PCP air rifles such as the Cometa Lynx V10 or the PCP Cometa Orion SPR air rifle, delight many shooters around the world.

In all Cometa PCP air rifles you have the option to choose regulated, which allows you to have continuous and fluid shots, without loss of effective shooting distance.

Also remember that in Cometa PCP air rifles you have the option to choose one of 3 packs, all at the best price, made and thought for you.

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Models of Cometa PCP air rifles

The Cometa factory produces the following air rifles:

· Lynx, Lynx V5 and Lynx V10, and you can choose in these three air rifles the stock of natural wood or black wood stock

· The Orion air rifle and the Orion SH Long (greater air capacity), the Orion SPR and the Orion SPR Long and the Orion SPR Gold and the Orion SPR Gold Long

· In addition to the Orion Bull Pup variant

Remember that in all PCP Cometa air rifles you can choose the regulated version of the air rifle and also if you want it in pack.