Air Rifle C.Lynx V10

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Cometa Lynx V10 air rifle, manufactured in Spain and with the highest performance.

You can choose between 2 models, the Cometa PCP Lynx, the Lynx V5 and the Lynx V10.

Cometa PCP Lynx SPR differs from the others in the barrel, however all the mechanisms and materials are exactly the same, where the quality is seen and do not skimp on it.

Cometa PCP Lynx V10 differs in the capacity of the air tank, where you can shoot longer and more often.

In all of them you can choose two stocks, in wood and / or black colour, if you want it or not regulated or if you want it in one of the 3 packs that we put at your disposal, that surely you will like, at the best price.

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