PCP Cometa Orion Air Rifle

Cometa PCP air rifle Orion model, a pre-compressed air rifle with a cold-hammered steel barrel, and is extremely accurate.

A delight air rifle, with a classic style stock and adjustable cheek. Just put it on the shoulder, you can see the ergonomics and the quality of the materials used.

You can choose between the Cometa PCP Orion SH air rifle models and its variant the Cometa PCP Orion SH Long, with a larger air tank and its coated barrel that functions as a built-in sound moderator, as well as the Cometa PCP Orion SPR and Cometa PCP Orion SPR Long, which has a included sound moderator.

The Cometa Orion SPR Gold air rifle is a special edition with details in gold and dark colored stock.

If you want something more tactical, the Cometa PCP Orion Bull Pup is your air rifle. Tactical air rifle, Picatinny rail and a compact size, perfect to take wherever you want.

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Cometa Orion PCP air rifles, classic, powerful and accurate

The Cometa PCP Orion air rifles are one of the best PCP air rifles on the market, hand in hand with Cometa, a Spanish company with centenary manufacture of weapons and air rifles.