PCP Air Guns Gamo

Gamo PCP precompressed air guns for which a manual loading pump, compressor or special bottle is necessary.

These air rifle have an air storage bottle that is preloaded by the user.

There are two types of PCP air rifles, the regulated ones that always offer the same power curve in all their shots because they have a regulator and the unregulated. The unregulated ones are somewhat more economical and ideal to start in this fabulous world of the PCP.

Remember that the Gamo PCP air rifles do not include open sights, so you will need a rifle scope to shoot with them. In some PCP air rifles you have the Combo Option in which we already include a rifle scope, all in one pack at the best price.

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Filling solutions has always been a permanent issue among new users.

We have several options and in Carabinasypistolas we offer you the best solutions:

How to fill the Gamo PCP air rifles:

With the Gamo hand pump you will fill the air manually, with the recharge bottle you will have about ten loads of your air rifle and with the Gamo Booster you will multiply your domestic compressor

We bring you the Gamo PCP air rifles at a set price to facilitate your purchase. Check all the reliability, power and stability of the largest Spanish manufacturer of PCP air rifles and compressed air rifles.