PCP Air Rifles

PCP air rifles are pre-compressed air rifles, for which a manual charge pump, compressor or special bottle is necessary.

How PCP air rifles work is a frequent query that we quickly resolve:

These air rifles have an air tank. Normal air at a pressure of 200 bar (that's why it's called pre-compressed). This tank you have to fill in order for the air rifle to work. Once filled, you just have to bolt and shoot, nothing more. The autonomy of shots will depend on the amount of air that fits in this deposit. When it is empty, you have to refill with air.

With what to fill the deposit of a PCP you will find it in our PCP accessories section. You have different products, manuals or mechanics.

Choosing an air rifle among 10 brands of PCP that we have available can be complicated. Contact us if you are looking for powerful air rifles or regulated PCP air rifles or cheap PCP. Call us.

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