Pellets for air rifles and pistols

Wide range of precision and recreational balling for carbines and co2 pellet pistols. Choosing a pellet for each occasion is important. Feel free to ask us which one best suits your carbine or pistol. Making good groups is largely the fault of a good pellet.

You have pellets for pistol such as the Gamo Pistol-Cup and Gamo Pistol-Pro and precision pellets such as the RWS SuperDome or the JSB Exact pellets and their variants and buy the best pellets for 4.5mm compressed air caliber at the best price.

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What are 4.5 mm caliber pellets for?

In our online store you can find different types of 4.5mm caliber pellets, lead pellets or steel bbs pellets. The 4.5 mm lead caliber pellets are for sport shooting, target shooting. We have from the most economical for training to the most precise and 4.5 mm pellets calibrated for competition or demanding.

What are steel BBs pellets or 4.5 mm caliber metal pellets for?

Steel bbs pellets are used in bbs pellet co2 pistols. These steel balls are cheaper than lead balls and do not require a rifled barrel. They cannot be used in a rifled barrel carbine and neither in lead pellet pistols.

How to choose the best pellets for my air rifle?

We will have to take into account the power of our compressed air rifle and from there, the use that we would give it. Depending on the use, a Gamo Magnum pellet or an H&N Silver Point may be better for us, both of which are pointed and allow optimal expansion on impact. For a good penetration the Gamo Hunter are ideal, as well as the H&N Hollow Point. And to make an optimal precision shot in compressed air with your PCP rifle, we recommend the RWS Superdome or the JSB Exact pellets, both used in Field Target competitions around the world.

However, to be able to train, calibrate our air rifle or simply to have fun, we recommend Gamo's Match pellets.

You can see here our classification and explanation of all types of pellets on the market by shape, cups and brands.

What are the best 5.5 pellets to hunt?

In Spain and within our property we can carry out pest control. For the shot to be effective it is best to use tip pellets