Photo Trapping Cameras

Hunting or photo-trapping cameras are cameras that incorporate a motion detector that activates the camera when it detects movement in its detection range. When activated, they record photos or videos that are normally stored in an SD memory, they can work with standard or rechargeable batteries as well as external batteries, this will vary their autonomy. Generally used outdoors, they have their own lighting to take photos or videos at night.

Each camera in our offering is designed for one purpose, to give hunters or users with surveillance needs the most reliable and easy-to-use camera, with all the features that really matter and no extras.

To observe animals, either in feeders or passageways. We are going to need invisible night infrared cameras (NO-GLOW or LOW-GLOW), which are essential to avoid being detected by animals.

If its use is going to be to monitor possible intruders in industrial areas, warehouses, works or any area that is of special interest, when doing the function of immortalizing the movement, we need two concepts Flash black and infra red, so that the intruder does not detect that is being immortalized. Remember how dangerous animals with hands and feet are in these areas.

Another crucial parameter when deciding on one camera or another is more power, better quality of photos and night videos, but also somewhat more expensive equipment.

Any questions, you have here our offer and our team to help you.

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