Pistols and revolvers, supplied with compressed air or supplied by Co2 bottles from the most prestigious brands on the market. Guns that fire steel pellets and / or BB pellets. With these BB guns and compressed air, you will fully enjoy this sport.

Here you will find the selection of lifetime compressed air pistols from the Gamo brand up to the latest additions of Turkish import pistols such as HATSAN or KRAL, Reximex or ZASDAR pistols

At Carabinasypistolas we classify all shooting pistols by their mechanism of action, this way you can easily find the one that best suits your pleasure. The world of pistols is growing enormously, pistol shooting has become a healthy sport to enjoy, prices have been reduced to reach all profiles of shooters.

There are guns for every taste and every pocket, or more we suggest you buy all you can, the fun is total.

Items found: 179

Gamo, Beretta, Hatsan, Zasdar, Smith & Wesson, Magnum pellet guns ...

On the other hand, our section of cheap pellet guns is full of replicas and versions that Umarex licenses and produces from brands such as Walther, Beretta, Hämmerli, Smith & Wesson, Magnum Research, RWS Air Rifles, H&K.
Plus, the latest additions from Sig Sauer make our pellet gun offering the most comprehensive online. When it comes to buying pellet guns online, you can't miss our deals.
Now is the time to buy an air pistol and enjoy your favorite sport.