Co2 Pistols

Gas powered Co2 pistols Co2 Pistols need 4.5mm. pellets. When you purchase a Co2 pistol, It is important that you get informed about the type of pellet your pistol shots. Whether it shots either diabolo or spherical pellets, either steel or lead pellets.

Here you will find powerful CO2 pistols such as the Beretta Elite II or CO2 well-known pistols known as the Gamo PT-85 or the CO2 Glock 19 replica.

Remember that in many CO2 pistols you have the "Combo Option" where we put you within reach the ideal products for your CO2 pistol at the best price, in pack!

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Cal. 4.5mm / Cal. 5.5mm
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The most fun guns of balines you will find in the Gamo brand; you have replicas of pistols very faithful to the original ones, manufactured by Umarex and also fast pistols like the American ones of Crosman. In addition to guns powered by CO2, we have a wide selection of compressed air guns.