Co2 pellet Pistols

Pistols powered by CO2 capsules. These CO2 pistols work with 4.5 mm pellets. It is important when buying to know what type of pellets you are shooting, there are different guns, diabolo guns or bbs - steel pellet guns. We have the best brands and models, and our recommended brands are Umarex CO2 and Gamo Co2.

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Specialists in CO2 pellet pistols, BBs and metal pellet pistols.

UMAREX Replica Pistols, like the originals that shoot both types of ammunition, both pellets and metal BBs; you will find the most fun pellet pistols of the Gamo brand with several magazines and of all prices; if you need it, we can advise you on the pistol that suits you best, informing you of your needs in terms of size, power, weight, ammunition...

BBS pellet pistols:

At Carabinasypistolas we have the best metal pellet pistols, BB in steel. These pistols have a smooth barrel inside, they are cheaper, the magazines have a large capacity of pellets and the metal pellets are also cheaper, that's why they are the pistols to enjoy.

Pellet pistols:

Pellet pistols have the inside of the barrel usually grooved, which makes them more accurate than steel ball pistols , they are also generally more expensive and the pellets are also a bit more expensive. These are pistols with which accuracy can be trained.

How long can the CO2 remain in the pistol in place?

It should not be left in place if it is not being used. Leaving the CO2 bottle in the pistol after playing ruins the valve, this is NOT covered by the warranty, it is written in all pistol manuals.

Remember, always after playing EMPTY YOUR GUN

To keep the valve healthy and prolong the life of the pistol, we can lubricate it with Co2 and oil capsules. UMAREX has decided to market these special CO2 bottles, which contain a certain amount of silicone oil inside. By using one of these capsules, instead of the normal one, the gas line will be flooded with a quantity of silicone oil particles, thus ensuring a good lubrication and protection of the internal rubbers (after 500 shots, it would be good).