Gamo Co2 Pistols

Gamo CO2 guns are triggered by 12 gram CO2 disposable cartridges. The airgun manufacturer Gamo now offers us a new world and shows us the power of guns powered by Co2. Gamo always innovating.

Gamo has incorporated novelties in their CO2 guns, now you can choose between pistols that also shoot BBt's steel pellets and even pistols that fire both lead pellets and BB's.

Gamo CO2 pistols mythical as the PT-85 Blowback and the PT-80 or the P-25 Blowback.

Do not hesitate to contact us, for any questions about the purchase of your Co2 gun. We remind you that some CO2 pistols have the Combo Option, where we place the ideal products for your pistol at the best possible price, just for you!

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We, CarabinasYPistolas, recommend pellets for pistols, for their calibrated and more perfected skirts. The range of CO2 guns is wide and will surely cover your needs, you can help you with the purchase filter according to the ammunition and whether it is Blowback or not.


Tips for the maintenance of your CO2 gun, so you always have it as the first day

1st - Always use the correct pellets (if the pistol only works with BB steel or if it works only with lead pellets)

2nd - When placing a CO2 cartridge, make sure to finish it completely and NEVER leave a cartridge placed on the valve.

3rd - And to each box of pellets (about 250 units + or -) use a load of CO2 cleaning and maintenance to lubricate the valve