Revolvers Co2

CO2 revolvers powered by CO2 12gr. cartridges of the best brands like Gamo, Umarex and all the replicas

Find the best Co2 revolver that best suits your needs, whether it's lead pellets or BB steel pellets.
Here's the Dan Wesson CO2 lead revolver and also the famous Colt Peacemaker SAA Army Co2, perfect replicas of the old west.

Do not forget about Crosman revolver CO2 and the Gamo Co2 revolvers like the CO2 Gamo PR-776 revolver.

And for the consumables, take a look at the pellets and CO2 cartridges as well as the accessories that will come in handy for your revolver as targets and pellet traps.

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Buy the best CO2 revolver

of the best brands such as Gamo, Crosman, Colt, ASG, Smith & Wesson.