Revolvers Co2

Revolvers powered by CO2 12gr

¡Here you will find the best revolvers for you to have fun shooting at targets or cans!

You have the famous revolver Dan Wesson CO2 lead pellet and also the famous Colt Peacemaker SAA Army Co2, perfect replicas of the old west.


Find the best Co2 revolver that best suits your needs, be it lead ball or BB steel ball.

Don't forget the Crosman Vigilante revolver CO2 and the revolvers Gamo Co2 such as CO2 revolver Gamo PR-776.


Do not forget about other iconic revolvers and known as:

· Colt Python CO2 6

· Revolver co2 smith & wesson R8

· Revolver Gamo PR 725


If you need pellets or CO2 cartridges, check out the categories below.

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What is a CO2 revolver?

A co2 revolver is a replica that uses 12g Co2 capsules and pellets, both made of steel or lead to shoot at the target and have fun! They are usually exact replicas such as the Colt Peacemaker or the SAA Army, the Colt Python. Or then revolvers of own brands such as Gamo PR 776 and GR-Stricker.


How to maintain a CO2 revolver?

Never leave a CO2 capsule inside. If we put a capsule, we spend it completely and remove it.

2º always use the correct pellets (if it only admits steel, then steel)

3º each x box of pellets, it would be ideal to use the CO2 cleaning cartridges, to keep the valve well cleaned and lubricated

4º Clean it after each use