Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting is the leader in the design and manufacture of hunting and shooting accessories.

TRIGGER STICK and its complements are widely known and recognized. Trigger stick, bipods and tripods are probably the best for the hunter.

The Primos cameras and all the necessary accessories for hunting are top quality in Primos.

If you need game calls PRIMOS  they have game calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl.

True hunter accessories that make PRIMOS a world-renowned brand.

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A little history about PRIMOS Hunting

After graduating from college in 1974, Will went to work in the family restaurant business. By then, Will had started hunting turkeys. That fall, Will's life would change forever with a casual meeting of the owner of a local turkey hunting camp. His name was Eleanor Roessler. Seeing his interest in learning all he could, he showed Will the claims he had made by hand.

He went home and began making and perfecting his own game calls with beer cans.

In 1976, word spread about Will's new game calls. In a short time, Will's phone started ringing with calls from all over the country. It seemed that Cousin's claims were gaining a reputation and people wanted to have them in their hands.

The demand for game calls grew and, in 1979, Cousins ​​Yelpers had to have a small team of people making game calls to keep up with the demand. Soon after, Will expanded the line.

In 1983, Will took his first real step towards the commercialization of his game calls with a pioneering idea for the time: instructive audio tapes of royal fighters. The strategy worked and the company reached a million dollars in sales.

Cousins ​​Yelpers became Cousins ​​Hunting Calls with a group of sales representatives, national distribution and the legendary slogan Speak The Language.

As the company grew, Will never stopped playing. From shooting sticks to trail cameras, Primos people led product innovations through innovative design, workmanship and quality materials, and strict field tests by expert hunters.

Today, Primos Hunting manufactures more than 600 products with worldwide distribution through its headquarters in Flora, MS and its claims factory in Brookhaven, MS. And to this day, Will's youth enthusiasm for hunting and the passion to make better products drive everything they do.