In pistol and carbines we have the best rangefinders. A rangefinder is a device that allows you to measure distances remotely. In this way, it can help you increase the accuracy of your shot.

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Choose from all our rangefinders. We recommend the following laser rangefinders. Having a suitable range finder is a fundamental part of the equipment for hunters, birdwatchers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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Always, it will make our activity easier to find the distance between us and a goal, the animal we seek to hunt or not, or a mountain pass or other natural reference point. 

The technology of these rangefinders has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, they are extremely technical and robust. So we can certainly find one that perfectly meets our needs in the wide range of current rangefinders.

From the simplest to the prismatic with the integrated rangefinder. In this category, we show you the best rangefinders for hunting.



Precision, distance and ballistics are what place some rangefinders well above the others. Finding rangefinders with up to 0.5m accuracy, no matter what kind of target you're measuring, with light transmission for outstanding performance will make finding your target easier than ever before.


Do not let a right measuring rangefinder or rifleman rule ruin your hunting day. We are looking for a rangefinder with angular calculations or real ballistics such as the Leupold TBR rangefinder or the Bushnell ARC rangefinder. Or perhaps binoculars with the rangefinder included in Swarovski El Range.


Currently, we can also find series like the Leupold RX that helps us to scale the Trophy scale. Very useful in trophies or selective. You introduce the values ​​as base / model pe 60 cm. Measure a deer with the RX and it will show two marks that represent the distance introduced. Introduce the horn between the marks and you will see how close it is to the goal of your trophy

Another important factor:

What do you want to measure?


The maximum values ​​of the measurements as well as the environmental conditions in which we will do it.


When measuring, try to look for specific references, such as the top of a tree, large granitic rocks, dense weeds or shrubs, as sometimes the deer, wild boar, or other animal or a target is at a great distance, it could be a little reflective.

Our recommendations will always be the rangefinders that meet the conditions of lightness and technology such as True Balistic and those that calculate and help us with the speed of the wind. Information such as measuring a trophy or a trophy scale makes it possible to judge an animal well.

There are now on the market rangefinders with all these functions and offering excellent value for money, as we have already shown.



This is a summary of the items to consider when buying a range finder for hunting and / or shooting.


What use are we going to give him? (distances to be measured)


Is it versatile? Maybe I can give him other uses than hunting. My investment will be optimized.


Trust: We trust our team, hunters know that trust in the team is part of the success of the whole. Buy a rangefinder that gives you that confidence.


Remember that a bad measure can ruin all the hard work of a day. Many times, a slightly larger investment in a more complete rangefinder gives me a very satisfying hunting day.