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What is a Red Dot Riflescope?

A red dot sight or sight is a sight in which the dot is not projected onto the target, it is only seen within the sight and only by the shooter.

The lasers project the reticle onto the target, making the dot visible on the target. The red dot sight uses an LED (light-emitting diode) that is completely eye-safe compared to a laser.

Acquisition of the objective, quickly with both eyes open, for this reason it can be your ally for hunts, hunts with short throws and casts at close range.

How big is a red dot?

We universally use the M.O.A. MOA stands for "minutes of angle" and 1 MOA = 1" at 100 yards = 3 cm at 100 meters.

If you have a MOA of 4, this means the dot is about 12 cm at 100 m (4" at 100 yd), 6 cm at 50 m, and 3 cm at 25 m.

If you have a 2 MOA dot, this means the dot measures about 6 cm at 100 m (2" at 100 yards), 3 cm at 50 m, and 1.5 cm at 25 m.

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How far can you see with a red dot?

The dot is not projected onto the target. It is only visible inside the scope, so the distance to the target does not limit the visibility of the dot. As far as you can see, so far you can aim!