The Turkish brand established itself in the PCP world with its well-known Reximex Throne, but has continued to introduce new models, such as the Reximex Apex or the Reximex Daystar, to adapt to all types of shooters.

In addition, they have not neglected the field of PCP guns, releasing 3 models that adapt perfectly to what the market demands. These models are: the Reximex RP PCP pistol with a removable synthetic stock; the Reximex RPA PCP pistol with Walnut wood handle; or the Reximex Tormenta PCP pistol, which has two air tanks to obtain a 380 cc filling capacity that makes it one of the best in its class.

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REXIMEX, which was established on the principle of producing world-class products for its customers using the latest R&D technologies, has reached about 60 countries in the last 5 years.

Reximex does not compromise on quality with its high-tech CNC machines and its 50 employees; It has an extensive production line with PCP and shotgun products.

In its PCP products that are produced for high performance, a regulator system is used that provides stable air consumption and combustion performance. In this way, you can get the stable power you want.