Service Holsters for short weapon

Wide range of service holsters for handguns with a practical design and the best value for money.

The service holsters are one of the most demanded products among the police covers, becoming an essential piece in the endowment and construction of the defensive system of the police.

The level of retention with respect to the weapon, the material, the brand or the type of pistol are essential elements when choosing a service cover.

A selection has been made between the main and most prestigious brands of short-sleeved cases such as Fobus, Uncle Mike's and Blackhawk.

All these brands present service covers for military and police use that are adaptable to a multitude of types of weapons, facilitating comfort and allowing the weapon to be stored and transported safely.

Buy your short gun service cover here. Wide variety of brands and models, offering products for practically all types of small arms.

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1911 / 1911 COMMANDER / B92 / BERETTA PX4 / Glock 19 / M&P / P2000 / P30 / S&W 5906 / SIG 220/226 / SIG 228/229 / SIG PRO 2022 / SPRINGFIELD XD / USP / USP COMP / WALTHER P99 / XD SUB COMPACT / B92 Arena        
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1911 Style / 1911 Style carril / BERETTA 92/96 / BERETTA 92F ZURDO / H&K P30 / H&K USP Compact / S&W BODYGUA.ZURDO / S&W BODYGUARD / S&W M&P / SW M&P ZURDO    
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What are the service covers used for?

The main objective of the service covers is to transport the weapon in a comfortable way placing it inside.
The provision and the difficulty of theft are also characteristics to be taken into account, granting quality to the consumer.
The most common users of these service cases are the security bodies, as well as the athletes and hunting practitioners, both amateurs and professionals, who need this kind of products that give them security.


The FOBUS holsters have a great prestige among professionals in service cases and short-sleeved civilian covers. Since 1978, it has been the largest manufacturer of short-sleeved covers and police, security and SWAT units around the world.
It has the following models:

-FOBUS Universal
-FOBUS Paddle

With more than 60 years of antiquity, the American brand Uncle Mike's offers a wide range of reliable products, with great quality and durability, being an option of great popularity among hunters from all over the planet.
On this website you can find the following models:

-UNCLE MIKE'S Kydex Paddle
-UNCLE MIKE'S Triple retention
-UNCLE MIKE'S Kydex Tactical with clip

Blackhawk is a prestigious American company with almost thirty years of experience, specializing in the manufacture of military equipment, police, and, in general, everything related to state security bodies, apart from hunters and adventurers.

The Blackhawk catalog is one of the preferred choices of policemen, security guards, military and hunters around the world, making them a leader in the sector. You can find the following models:

-Blackhawk A.C.R IWB
-Blackhawk CQC Standard
-Blackhawk Omnivore
-Blackhawk Service serpa with self-locking level 2
-Blackhawk serpa service with self-locking level 3
-Blackhawk Serpa Hidden CQC Carbon Fiber
-Blackhawk Serpa Sportster