Spyderco Introvert folding knife with a great security of grip, stainless steel coverings and a unique locking system with slot.

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  Back Lock

  Compression Lock™


  Leaf Shaped Blade

Blade Thickness 2.3 mm
Weight 111 gr

Spyderco Introvert pocket knife

Spyderco Introvert pocket knife with a great security of grip, stainless steel coverings and a unique locking system that includes a slot through which passes the blade.

It has a sheet made of stainless steel VG-10. Handles manufactured in G-10 and includes reversible clip.


Steel VG-10

With this steel, very fine edges are obtained and easily maintained.
It is listed as one of the best steels on the market, due to its production complexity as well as its composition:
0.95-1.05% carbon, 0.50% manganese, 15.5% chromium, 0.10-0.30% vanadium, 0-9% -1.2% molybdenum and 1% 5% cobalt
Its typical hardness is between 59 and 61 HRC.


Back Lock system

This blockage can be located on the back of the knife where a hook on the handle picks up the spike when the blade is opened and blocks it. Unlocking can be done by pressing the spring or hook, thus leaving the sheet free. This locking system is very safe and has been used for a long time.


Handles in G-10 and stainless steel

The knife as well as the tools are in a handle with nested stainless steel linings, textured black G-10 scales, an epoxy-filled woven glass fiber that is rigid, impervious to temperature changes and chemicals and can be dyed in different colors, solid stainless steel springs and a two-position hourglass shaped clip that offers the option to take it up or down.


Technical specifications:

Total length: 17.8 cm
Length of the blade: 7.1 cm
Thickness of the blade: 2.3 mm
Steel type: VG-10
Type of lock: Back Lock
Steel hardness: 58 HRC
Long handle: 12.1 cm
Handle material: G10
Weight: 111 gr
Black color


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