Lil 'Temperance 3 is both a rebirth and a significant evolution of a true Spyderco classic.

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Spyderco Lil Temperance 3 G-10 Pocket Knife

Original Lil 'Temperance and Lil' Temperance 2 from Spyderco took the high-performance qualities of the iconic Temperance ™ knife and distilled them into a powerful knife. Now, the Lil 'Temperance 3 revives this classic design in a thinner and simpler form that is ideal for both utility and self-defense use.

The wide and leaf-shaped blade of the Lil Temperance 3 is completely made of CPM S30V particle metallurgy stainless steel, which gives you an incredible balance of strength, edge geometry, corrosion resistance and low friction cutting performance .

Its minimum ricasso (the non-bevelled portion of the blade near its base) maximizes the length of the cutting edge, while a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole ™ allows the blade to be opened with one hand, at high speed, with any hand.

The patented Spyderco Compression Lock ™ mechanism locks the blade securely during use and also allows a safe, easy and one-handed closure. This heavy duty locking mechanism is built on a base of sturdy stainless steel liners nested in CNC machined holes in the G-10 handles with textured handle.

According to the original spirit of the design as a potential self-defense tool, each handle includes a unique index divot that aligns precisely with the concave part of the knife's four-position pocket clip to provide a pivot shaft. for the change of grip maneuvers. The clip itself is Spyderco's hourglass design and can be easily set to take it left or right, up or down.

Lil 'Temperance 3 is both a rebirth and a significant evolution of a true Spyderco classic. It faithfully honors the spirit of the original design, while incorporating a series of significant improvements that make it even more functional and capable.


Technical details

Total length: 185mm

Blade length: 74mm

Steel: CPM S30V

Closed length: 112mm

Weight: 113g

Blade thickness: 4.0mm

Handle: G-10

Lock: Compression Lock