The Spyderco Military Rex45 Sprint Run knife is a high-end model of great quality. It has a Rex 45 steel blade and G-10 handle with an orange finish.

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  Compression Lock™


  Leaf Shaped Blade

Blade Thickness 3.6 mm
Weight 127 gr

Spyderco Military Rex45 Sprint Run Pocket Knife

The Spyderco Military Rex45 Sprint Run knife features an exotic design without affecting performance.

It is built with first class materials, such as steel enriched with cobalt that allows the improvement of edge performance.

The maintenance and care of this knife is demanding, because it is a steel prone to oxidation.


Steel CPM-REX 45

The incredible blade of this Spyderco Military is designed by an alloy little used in cutlery, which consists of a pulverization of liquid metal powder to group it later into ingots.
The result of this process is a sheet very resistant to impacts and wear produced by the continued use. Likewise, the REX 45 is a type of chemical element enriched with cobalt, so its grinding conditions are unbeatable.
Thanks to the straight edge that it has, it allows drilling, deep cuts or control works.


Lock Liner Lock

The Liner Lock is one of the most used technologies by experts in this sector in the United States, as it facilitates the use of this knife in situations of survival, hunting or day to day.


Handles G-10

The creators of Spyderco define it as a practically unbreakable knife, and it is largely due to the material with which the handles of this knife are designed. The G-10 is formed by layers of fiberglass grouped at high pressure.
The result of this type of process is a product incredibly immune to extreme temperatures, becoming stable even in abrasion conditions. At the same time, it is impermeable and will not be affected by contact with chemical products (motor oils, fuels).


Technical specifications:

Total length: 24.1 cm
Length of the blade: 10.16 cm
Thickness of the blade: 3.6 mm
Type of lock: Liner Lock
Steel hardness: 66-68 HRC
Long handle: 13.9 cm
Handle material: G10
Weight: 127 gr
For ambidextrous


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