The Spyderco Native 5 Titanium knife is a classic model with a blade made of CPM S35VN steel. It has a Back Lock locking system and titanium grips.

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  Back Lock

  Leaf Shaped Blade


Blade Thickness 3,1 mm
Weight 116 gr

Spyderco Native 5 Titanium

The Knife Spyderco Native 5 Titanium represents the refined and fifth generation of a classic model of the brand being a clear example of the crafts made in the United States.
The blade is made of CPM S35VN steel with a robust design.
Its construction is similar to S30V steel but incorporates niobium carbon plus vanadium and chrome that achieve greater sheet strength.
The handle, with titanium grips become one of the most robust models that we can find in the market.

This is due to the quality of materials used in all its parts, like this model, cataloged as a piece of authentic luxury for the most exclusive clients.

Steel CPM-S35VN

This steel has undergone a process of spraying liquid particles and then grouped into ingots, which gives a sublime resistance.

It is also an ultra-resistant alloy to all types of stress conditions, as well as hostile environments and climates with extreme temperatures.

Its specific composition is 1.60% carbon, 0.50% manganese, 0.40% silicon, 16% chromium, 0.80% molybdenum and 0.40% vanadium, reaching a hardness of 64 HRC in the Rockwell Scale, one of the best in the marke
This system consists of a hook embedded in the rear area of ​​the knife, being able to take the spike and block it constantly and continuously. This technology does not require any extra maintenance and allows a quick and intuitive lock / unlock action.


Leaf style Drop Point

It stands out for its versatility and is characterized by a convex curve near the tip, offering a strength and robustness allowing the realization of all kinds of cuts.
It also has a straight edge that offers the possibility of deep incisions in all types of skins and surfaces.


Titanium handles

The main differential factor of this knife can be seen in the external design of the handle, since it has an innovative structure and extreme beauty. It has also been developed to reduce fatigue in continuous use.


Technical specifications:

Total length: 17.4 cm
Length of the blade: 7.6 cm
Sheet thickness: 3.1 mm
Steel type: CPM-S35VN
Lock type: Back Lock
Steel hardness: 64 HRC
Long handle: 10.1 cm
Weight: 116 gr
Grey colour


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