Spyderco Techno TI Pocket Knife, category of "Little Big Knives" by Spyderco. Heavy duty locking mechanism, exotic steel and safe type construction.

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Spyderco Techno TI Pocket Knife

The Spyderco Techno knife falls into the "Little Big Knives" category of Spyderco; which means that it has a smaller blade and handle, combined with a sturdy locking mechanism, exotic steel and safe-type construction that is mainly found in larger, hard-wearing knives.

Spyderco's first collaboration with Mr. Slysz, Techno is also the first main production of Spyderco CLIPIT to use Carpenter CTS-XHP steel. Blade steel metallurgists refer to CTS-XHP because they have the steel properties and hardness of D2 carbon tool steel, but with the additional advantage of chromium to classify it as a powdered stainless steel.

With a completely flat surface, the blade has a large Spyderco Round Hole. The handle is made of titanium with contrasting blue spacers that leave the handle open and expose the internal operation for easy cleaning.

An integral block Chris Reeve (R.I.L.) incorporates the rear handle handle as a block. With the back of the handle folded as both handle and lock, the need for internal coatings is eliminated, and the knife can be produced being lighter and thinner while retaining greater strength.


Technical details

Total length: 152mm

Blade length: 65mm

Steel: CTS XHP

Closed length: 87mm

Weight: 102g

Blade thickness: 4.5mm

Handle: Titanium

Lock: R.I.L