Zerotech hunting scopes lifetime warranty

For too long the shooting market has been limited to riflescopes and reticles that do not meet our shooting needs or withstand our harsh and varied conditions. 

ZeroTech hunting scopes for the outdoor enthusiast

Precision engineered for accuracy and clarity that will exceed your expectations, with a lifetime warranty!

With over 50 years of experience in rifle optics, ZeroTech has designed and developed its own range of riflescopes and reticles with unique features and benefits to suit the toughest conditions. 

Zerotech riflescopes are structured in five families with different characteristics and performance, from the highest range to the entry range: Trace Advanced, Trace, Thrive HD, Thrive and Vengeance. All ranges have hunting, shooting or hybrid references, the latter being the most common.

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Zerotech Scopes, the Australian alternative!

Zerotech, it is a brand of very recent appearance, since it was presented in 2020.

Behind its design and manufacture are several companies, some of them with more than 50 years of experience in the sector. All of them are commanded by TSA Outdoors (Tasco Sales Australia).

ZEROTECH riflescopes enter the Spanish market with force, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio and robustness to all tests. This brand presents some interesting technological innovations and perfect optics for those who are starting out in hunting and / or sport shooting or who need to renew their equipment at an economical price, but without sacrificing quality and robustness.

ZEROTECH scopes are structured in five families with different characteristics and therefore benefits, these are from the highest to the entry range: TRACE ADVANCED, TRACE, THRIVE HD, THRIVE and VENGEANCE. All ranges have hunting, shooting or hybrid references, the latter being the most common.

They are rifle scopes designed to operate on the Australian continent, which means that they are resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. A country where, in some desert areas, maximums of up to 50 ° C or minimums below zero can occur.


Why buy a Zerotech rifle scope?

  • ZeroTech is a range of rifle scopes designed and developed by shooters for shooters.

Lifetime Warranty

ZeroTech products are covered for life. 

  • Being shooters, hunters and adventurers, ZeroTech knows perfectly well that sometimes our adventure could fail. That's why ZeroTech stands behind you every step of the way. If it fails or breaks, it will always be repaired or replaced, no matter what the problem. 

For its wide range of Reticles

· RMG FFP Reticle

Whether it's maintaining elevation and drift for high-speed, high-precision shooting or marking turrets for long-range targets, the RMG (Refined Mil Grid) reticle is the perfect combination of accuracy and speed.

· R3 SFP Reticle

The R3 reticle allows the shooter to enjoy all the aspects of a second focal plane scope (SFP) without losing the ability to "hold" extremely accurate long range shooting.


· PHR II SFP Reticle

The PHR II reticle shares all the features of the PHR reticle with the addition of a floating centre dot for an ultra-refined aiming point, as well as a finer post at 6 o'clock, allowing for even more accurate elevation.


· PHR SFP Reticle

Indexed in MOA, the PHR reticle mimics a more traditional hunting reticle with the addition of some modern advances.


· MILDOT Reticle

A traditional reticle, calibrated in thousandths of an inch, offering shooters the additional ability to shoot at long range with a high degree of accuracy.


· DUPLEX Reticle

The reticle favoured by shooters in all disciplines where speed and simplicity are key.